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Greece is a holiday destination. Sun, sea and the famous sites of antiquity allure many recreation seekers. But these sunny land ist also a paradise for active tourists. Vourvourou in Sithonia is an ideal starting point for hikers and mountain bikers of all kind. After five minutes walk behind our contry house already the ascent to the nearby, 570 meters high Karvounas starts. After more than ten kilometers you reach with this 750 meters the highest mountain of Sithonia Itamos, which opens s magnificent view of both shores of the narrow peninsula. On the mountain heights of Chalkidiki you find a network of hiking trails (see Google), on which you can quite pleasant walk in hot summers under the protection of the pine forest. After a dip in the sea at the end of a tour you forget all efforts of a hik quickly. But hikers and bikers that love longer hiks, should make their discovery tours in pleasant temperatures of spring and autumn. The entry into the small mountain range is possible from many points. Very nice are climbs in the eastern part because here accompanied the opposite 2000 meter high Mount Athos the hikers steadily. Anyone who has passed through the Greek Halkidiki furthermore with his racing bike will leave up Malloca, Crete or the south of France to other bikers. For the Chaldiki offers a special mediterranean attractive panoramic landscapes. Vourvourou is an ideal starting point for tours of 25 till 300 kilometers. There awaits discerning cyclist routes with shorter and longer increases between 8 and 25 %. Specially attractive are the 110 kilometer trip around Sithonia or excursions on and around the more than 1100 meters high Holomon through a magnificent forest with attractive, broad views of the Mediterranean and Chalkidiki. Especially enjoyable are trips in spring and autumn.
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